Are There Multiple Links, or Is It the Same Link Every Time?

You send the same Thryft Ship link every time. 

This consistency makes it easy to manage and share. Here are a few convenient ways to use your Thryft Ship link so you only have to hit the “Copy Customer link” button once!

Saved Reply on Instagram

Keep your link handy by saving it as a quick reply on Instagram. This way, you can easily share it with customers in your Direct Messages (DMs) without typing it out each time.

By using the same link consistently, you streamline the process for both you and your customers, ensuring a smooth and efficient shipping experience


Add your Thryft Ship link to your Linktree. This allows you to consolidate all your important links in one place, making it easy for your followers to find and use.


Include your link in your social media bios. This provides easy access for anyone visiting your profile and looking to make a purchase or inquire about your products.


At Thryft Ship, we aim to make the shipping process as simple and efficient as possible. Using the same link every time helps you save time and ensures your customers can easily access the shipping form. Implement these strategies to maximize the ease and efficiency of your shipping process.

Ready to streamline your shipping process? Start using your Thryft Ship link today and experience hassle-free management of your shipping

Ways to share your link